The Modern Technology Grid

The Modern Technology Grid While it is undoubtedly true that there is upward momentum in, for example, computer hardware technology- every year they are a third to twice as fast and hold More »

Science And Technology

Science And Technology With the facilitation from the Indian government and the relatively aloof economy during the recession, the advent of various Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies in India is being More »

Computer Forensics Technology

Computer Forensics Technology Sample Essay Answer 1  The fact that computer forensics tools and methods can be successfully use to identify user passwords, computer logons, as well as other transparent information is More »

The Future of LCD Technology

The Future of LCD Technology In the midst of discussions and debates on the choice of an innovative television in the contemporary market environment, the question about the future of existing technologies More »

Computer Technology

Computer Technology Computer technology just like other technologies has developed overtime and has also influenced our lives in different ways.  The research in human-computers interaction has been very successful and has influenced More »


Berkeley project tests tracking imperiled forests with 3D multispectral drone imaging


 Droughts, climate change and deforestation are putting forests at risk worldwide, so studying these ecosystems closely is more important than ever — but it’s a hell of a lot of work to climb every tree in the Sierra Nevada. Drones and advanced imaging, however, present an increasingly practical alternative to that, as a UC Berkeley

The Silent War Between Israel And Syria

The Silent War Between Israel And Syria So what happened on the morning of September 6, 2007 ? Israel has instituted a news blackout beyond saying that Israeli soldiers demonstrated unusual courage in acting against Syria. Syria indicates that Israel violated its airspace and fired missals on ground targets. Iran has been absolutely quiet, very

Rona Ambrose calls on Trudeau to ‘park’ electoral reform


The interim leader of the Conservative Party has two simple words for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when it comes to electoral reform: park it. CBC | Politics News

Microsoft finalizes $26 billion LinkedIn acquisition, reveals what’s next


Microsoft secured regulatory approval for its $ 26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn earlier this week, and the software giant is finalizing the deal today. In a LinkedIn note, of course, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says he’s “enthusiastic about the common mission” of both Microsoft and LinkedIn. “As our two companies’ leadership teams have spent time

Apple – Introducing iPhone 7


With new camera systems, stereo speakers, and the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus make the things you do most even better. Two new finishes highlight the seamless design.

Trump taps Oklahoma attorney general, friend to fossil fuels, to run EPA


Enlarge (credit: Gage Skidmore) President-elect Donald Trump made his choice for administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency today, and that choice is fossil-fuel-friendly Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt. Pruitt was trained as a lawyer before becoming a state senator in 1998 and attorney general in 2011. As attorney general, Pruitt was an active opponent of

WATCH: Huskies, Buffaloes go back-to-back with amazing plays


WATCH: Huskies, Buffaloes go back-to-back with amazing plays Like many on this Friday night, the PAC-12 Championship game appears to be drunk. With Washington leading 24-7 in the third quarter, somehow this Jake Browning pass to John Ross turned into a 19-yard touchdown for the Huskies: So much happened on that play, including an insane one-handed

Search-plane decision ends 12-year procurement odyssey


A 12-year military procurement odyssey, meant to replace the air force’s nearly 50-year-old Buffalo search planes, will finally come to an end on Thursday. The Liberal government has chosen the Airbus C-295 transport as the country’s next fixed-wing search-and-rescue plane, according to defence and industry sources CBC | Politics News