Samsung LG Add Virtual Reality To Smartphones


Samsung LG Add Virtual Reality To Smartphones

To spark interest in smartphones, Samsung and LG have chosen to improve their cameras and taking adding the world of virtual reality.

Samsung has the backing of Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, who said on Sunday that the two companies have joined forces to promote the Virtual Reality (VR) on mobile phones and social networks.

This is by far the best experience that mobile virtual reality can offer Zuckerberg said during the presentation in Barcelona of the new flagship phone from Samsung.

Samsung promises that its new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge take better pictures in low light, partly thanks to sensors that capture more light.

Galaxy S7

While the main camera on the next phone G5 LG has two lenses: one for normal shots and one with a wider angle so you can capture more of what is in front of the user without having to back out.

Both companies will also be sharing several camera related accessories.


Samsung, which late last year released a VR device for consumers, now offer a 360-degree camera so that anyone can make and share images in virtual reality.

The company will also make smartphones housings with holes for screwing special lenses, such as wide-angle and fish eyes.

LG will have its own device RV _ a lighter version of the Gear VR Samsung as well as a phone accessory that functions as a camera grip with physical buttons to take pictures and control the recording of videos.

The accessory is part of the new modular approach to LG, the user can remove the bottom of the phone and instead replace with new features.

The announcements were made at the Mobile World Congress wireless fair in Barcelona, ​​Spain, at a time when sales have slowed for smartphones worldwide, especially high-end devices, such as the G series,  LG and S Samsung.

Many consumers have turned to low-cost Android devices that have features that only a few years ago were considered high-end equipment.

Analysts said the RV is critical for an industry that users might get rid of their current phones and still be satisfied to buy new ones.

Samsung LG Add Virtual Reality To Smartphones



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