Battles for Syria | May 7th 2017 | al-Qaboun, Damascus


“War Diary” project | Eastern Damascus, Syria | May 2017
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Be advised, VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES, not recommended for children under age of 18
Mature viewers only. This is a war documentary. For documentary and educational purposes only.
Video is on channel covering wars posted not to offend, shock or encourage violence but for news / historical and educational purposes – to document war, war crimes and cases of terrorism. (Every video is dated for such purposes)

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Video shows scenes of real war, violence, death scenes., and often have historical significance.
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Battles for Syria | May 7th 2017 | al-Qaboun, Damascus


16 Responses to Battles for Syria | May 7th 2017 | al-Qaboun, Damascus

  1. forestliving says:

    why band this, let them see war. outstanding video in real life.

  2. Shabnam Soraya says:

    how fking stupid is the syrian army, why negotiate, fking bury these terrorist under the rabbles , bomb the shit out of them, why let them go only to come back.

  3. Joseph Flanagan says:

    Whakbars are like rats caught in a trap, Syrian Army have turned into the best soldiers I seen in Combat. ;ikewise Hezbollah and the Russian Army are great soldiers in combat. Watching these great videos from NATO buried Ireland.

  4. grinningchicken says:

    I think the Jihadis in Qabun hit the captagon a little too hard. Its clear they are cornered and getting artillery rained down on them but they keep fighting. In a side note Gilligan has been in more than one jihadi video.

  5. yako emdo says:

    Long live FSA 😍

  6. Graziele Carvalho says:

    Send them to Idlib they will fight with ISIS! Kill em all SAA!

  7. Tyler Durden says:

    4000+ views already!

  8. rainbow over Ireland. says:

    I'm delighted that my sympathies and support were for the decent secular Syrians of Al Assads Syria from the beginning…AND i welcomed the Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah and the Russian peace makers….

  9. Larry Laffer says:

    I hope the terrorists will be defeated and that peace will return to whole Syria. Six years of war is a very long period of time.

  10. Νοsawa. says:

    -OH SH*T.exe has stopped working

  11. rainbow over Ireland. says:

    excellent news! the moderates of Al quaboun have agreed to become Idlib cowards and will happily take a green bus to Germany……..the Russian reconstruction crews can go straight in, bulldoze Al quaboun and rebuild it as a modern suburb.

  12. TigroTom says:

    Russian air strikes are taking their toll no doubt..

  13. mili6 says:

    what happend with the old account r&u?

  14. Amorey Yeah says:

    dead your saa

  15. Fardin Ahmed says:

    05:40 Did the guy get shot?

  16. tacticaltroll jankowski says:

    dude i seen on national news that a huge ass bomb was dropped at night and you haven't posted it yet? it was awhile back like 3 or 4 weeks ago i think, thing was fucking HUGE!

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