Car Technology That Tells You Who Scratched Your Car


Car Technology That Tells You Who Scratched Your Car


You have parked the car for a few minutes to run an errand and on your return encounter an unpleasant surprise: another vehicle gave you a scratch and the person has not left you any contact number or any notes.

BMW invented a system that can avoid such unpleasantness.

bmwIt is the smart Bumper Detect, an innovative system that is able to detect if another car hit you at that moment and perimeter cameras enable in the vehicle catch the moment of impact.

The system warns the driver in real time of any impact.

The Remote View 3D images are sent along with an alert message to your smartphone or the smart watch car owner, so you can take the necessary measures.bmw3

Attempted THEFT

CES 2016: Surprised with the highlights of the most important technology fair in the world, Bumper Detect was presented at the CES technology fair in Las Vegas.

When the car is parked and someone tries to enter the vehicle without permission, the cameras are activated.

They Immediately send a specific message warning of an attempted robbery, so that the owner may request streaming images of what is happening to his or her car and decide whether to call the police or just let it go because it has been a misunderstanding.

bmw2They are simple systems but sadly are NOT yet available in modern cars, even though most of them already incorporate different camera systems to monitor the this type of environment and that many cars already have Internet access making this a simple accessory to ANY vehicle.


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